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Meeting of Management Committee

Members of CPAGA's Management Committee and its President met on Sunday 7 April 2019 in the John Gray Centre.

Agenda items included matters arising at the previous meeting on 24 February 2019; the reports of Officers; the communications by Merton/idverde about the intended use of the waste bay; idverde's clearing of the waste bay; whether the Committee could take any action to reduce anti-social misuse of the waste bay and the areas in front of it; the damage to the lock at the top gate to the Site; a proposed letter to Merton on Merton's policy for the supply of water to the Site and idverde's implementation of that policy; Merton's charges for water rates in the light of its policy; difficulties encountered by the Trading Manager with the delivery service of the Shop's principal historical supplier; progress with the initiative to organise the sale of teas, refreshments and jams; whether CPAGA should use its resources to maintain the condition of vacant plots that Merton had been unable to let; preparation for the Annual General Meeting; the President's organisation of the Committee's archives since 1991; the need for assistance with unloading and storing the periodic receipt of compost deliveries for the Shop; and possible activities at the Site for the benefit of plotholders.

The next meeting of the Management Committee is tentatively scheduled for 12 May 2019, depending on matters arising at the Annual General Meeting on 5 May 2019.

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