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Management of mature trees

One matter discussed at the CPAGA-Merton meeting of 31 January 2024 was the management of mature trees at the Site. A Committee member had identified the following plots as having mature trees which might pose a problem for the plot holder or their neighbours: 4, 12A, 31A, 37A, 50A*, 65A, 67A, 88, 96A, 102, 111, 111A, 121A, and 141. (* The tree on plot 50A is on the far side of the brook but appears to be on the Site.)

A member of the Parks Team (the Parks Development and Investment Manager) and a tree expert visited the Site on 15 February 2024. As a first step, the Parks Team need assistence in identifying which trees need to be removed and which are to be kept.

Consequently, the Committee wish to get in touch with plot holders who (a) have a mature tree on their plot or on a neighbouring plot and (b) wish to have that tree managed or removed. The Committee will leave notices on the plots in question, but plot holders can also contact the Committee.

Trees to be managed or removed need to be precisely identified, so that there is no confusion about the relevant trees - for example, by the use of photographs. The Committee will then identify the trees by using a marker, such as bright paint or tying a bright object to the tree.


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