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Non-green waste

One matter discussed at the CPAGA-Merton meeting of 31 January 2024 was the problem of the management of non-green waste at the Site. Committee Members have, once again, brought the current and growing problem to the attention of the Allotment Administrator and Merton's Waste Enforcement team. The source of the waste is unknown but is suspected to be from both plot holders and non-plot holders. The origin of some of the waste is clearly outside of the Site.

Committee Members had identified that idverde's published contractual obligation was expressed in these terms: "The Contractor shall clear waste bays on allotments sites in Merton on a bi-monthly basis.", without any qualification about the content of the waste bays. However, idverde has asked that the waste bays not be used for non-green waste - notwithstanding that Merton's signs at the Site state: "Please place all rubbish - green and non-green waste - in the Rubbish Bay opposite."

Previous attempts by the Committee to report the non-green waste as fly tipping failed, as Merton removed those reports as soon as they were posted, without explanation. The Parks Team understood that Merton would not accept reports of fly tipping at allotment sites. However, Merton's Senior Enforcement and Inspection Officer (Interim) has now confirmed that an officer has been asked to investigate the non-green waste that can be attributed to a specific address outside of the Site.

There also appeared to be problems of communication. Plot holders new to the Site, seeking to clear existing non-green waste from their plots, reported that they had been told by the Allotment Administrator to dump the non-green waste elsewhere on the Site. This would have been appropriate only if idverde had made arrangements to clear the non-green waste soon afterwards.


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