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Hints for Showing


Read the Schedule and Rules carefully. Note the dates and times for entries and the times for staging exhibits and the judging. Allow enough time for staging on the morning. You must not interfere with exhibits already staged by other entrants.


To avoid disqualification, check that you have staged the correct number of items.


Vegetables and fruit


Unless stated, all entries should be the same variety.


1. Choose even-sized, unblemished and undamaged specimens.


2. Do not polish apples or pears; the natural bloom on plums should not be impaired.


3. Roots should be washed with a sponge or cloth, not scrubbed with a brush which may cause damage. Potatoes with any colour on the skin should be entered in Class 14 of Section 2 of the Schedule.


4. Beetroots, carrots, parsnips and turnips should not have more than 75 mm (3 in) tops.


5. Marrows should be young, uniform and not more than 375 mm (15 in) long.


6. Check that, where appropriate, stalks are attached to fruit and vegetable entries.


7. Brassica include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprout, choy sum, pak choi, rutabaga and turnip.


8. Include between 5 and 10 matching leaves of chard or spinach.


9. Onions should be well-centred, round, of matching sizes and well-ripened. Remove only the outer skin and the necks must be tied with raffia or string.




10. Aim for good condition, uniformity and absence of blemishes.


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