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Section 2: Cottenham Park Cup - Vegetables


Class 4: Ten runner beans with stalks attached



Class 5: Eight dwarf beans with stalks. Note: in 2018, Class 5 and 6 are combined as Class 5: Ten French (incl. dwarf) beans with stalks attached. 



Class 6: Ten climbing French beans with stalks. Note: in 2018, Class 6 is combined with Class 5: Ten French (incl. drawf) beans with stalks attached and Class 6 will be for squashes, pumpkins or gourds.



Class 7: Three beetroot with 75 mm (3 in) foliage



Class 8: Three carrots with 75 mm (3 in) foliage



Class 9: Two courgettes with stalks



Class 10: Two cucumbers with stalks



Class 11: Two marrows under 375 mm (15 in) long



Class 12: Five onions



Class 13: Five white potatoes, one variety



Class 14: Five coloured potatoes, one variety



Class 15: Nine shallots



Class 16: Three sweetcorn with ears



Class 17: Five tomatoes with stalks



Class 18: Ten small fruited or cherry tomatoes with stalks, not exceeding 35 mm (1.5 in)



Class 19: Two to five of any other vegetable not included in classes 4 to 18. Note: in 2018, squashes, pumpkins or gourds will have their own class (Class 6) and brassica will also have their own class (new Class 19); Class 20 will be for any other vegetable. 


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