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The ten and a half acre site currently contains 284 allotment plots. The plots are mostly five rods in area, although some are double that size. (A rod is 30.25 square yards or about 25.78 square metres. Allotment sites are probably unique in still using this Saxon measure of area!) There is a good supply of water with water tanks and hose points at regular intervals along both roadways. There is vehicle and pedestrian access to the site from Cambridge Road and pedestrian access from Cottenham Park Lane. Keys for the pedestrian gates may be obtained from the Shop for a £3.00 deposit. When the Shop is open, the gates are unlocked to allow access for vehicles and Garden Members.




Plots are let, and annual rent collected, by Merton Council. If you wish to rent a plot, you should contact the Letting Officer at Merton Council. Any queries about letting or complaints about neglected plots should be made to the Council.

The John Gray Centre


Prior to 1991 the Association ran a small shop from three rather dilapidated garages at the far end of the side roadway. In that year, the Council built a social centre in the middle of the site for the use of CPAGA. The association moved into the Centre in November 1991. The centre consists of a Shop, a social area with a small kitchen, and toilets. The toilets are maintained by CPAGA but are available to all plot holders. Keys may be obtained from the Shop for a £3.00 deposit. A small first aid kit is kept in the entrance to the toilets. Throughout the negotiations with the Council over the centre, the Chairman of the Association was John Gray. Following his death in 1993, the centre was named after him.



CPAGA organises occasional deliveries of manure. These are unloaded into a bay near the storage units by the Centre. The manure is available for all plot holders.



All plot holders are encouraged to compost all compostable material on their plot. This both provides a regular source of compost for your plot and helps to reduce the cost to the Council of landfill and so our Council tax. Perennial weeds such as bind weed should be put in a bag and allowed to decompose before being added to your compost heap. Any non-compostable material from your plot should be put in the bay adjacent to the manure bay for collection by the Council.


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