Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Site and CPAGA.


Are there any plots available now?

Do I have to be a member of CPAGA to have a plot?

Should I mark the number of my plot?

Should I mark and maintain the boundary of my plot?

A neighbour's plot is neglected. What can I do about it?

Can I have a fire on my plot?

CPAGA membership and events

Can I be a member of CPAGA without having a plot?

Water use and conservation

Can I use a hose pipe?

Can I use a sprinkler?

Keys and vehicle access

How can I get a key to the pedestrian gates?

How can I get a key to the toilets?

How can I get a key for the vehicle gate on Cambridge Road?

Can I bring my car or van onto the Site?

Can I park my car or van on the Site?

Dogs and other animals

Can I bring my dog to the Site?

Site security and maintenance

What should I do about a water leak?

Should I lock the gates when entering and leaving the Site?

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Cottenham Park Allotments are managed by Merton London Borough Council.

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