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Electrics in John Grey Centre

One matter discussed at the CPAGA-Merton meeting of 31 January 2024 was the maintenance and repair of the John Grey Centre, including the electrical water heater in the kitchen area. The Committee understands that such matters, once reported via the Allotment Administrator, fall within Merton's remit rather than idverde's. Merton's contractor H2O Nationwide had advised that the heater neeeded checking, during a risk assessment check performed on 20 September 2022.

On 15 March 2024, another contractor of Merton visited the Site to inspect and test the electrics in the John Grey Centre and was given access by a Committee member. The contractor was unable to test the electrical water heater as Merton had not yet restored the water supply to the Site after Winter. The Committee does not have access to the contractor's report to Merton but the Committee member understood the contractor had concerns as a result of his other tests.


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