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Management of Japanese Knotweed

One matter discussed at the CPAGA-Merton meeting on 31 January 2024 was the management of Japanese Knotweed at the Site. Only a small number of plots are affected but, for the plot holders affected, the effects can be profound. It usually takes at least three to four seasons to eradicate Japanese Knotweed using weedkiller, although professional contractors have access to more powerful weedkillers that can reduce this period by half.

There is a long history (at least a couple of decades) of Japanese Knotweed at the Site and at sites neighbouring the Site on the far side of the brook ditch that runs along the western boundary of the Site. During 2023, the Parks Team commissioned a report into the management of Japanese Knotweed at the Site.

Affected plot holders understand that they will lose the use of parts of their plots neighbouring the book ditch while professional contractors seek to erradicate the weed. On 15 March 2024, two members of the Committee (also directly affected) wrote to Merton seeking clarity over what was planned and its timing. They understand that any works will not start until September or October 2024.


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