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Enter the 2018 Annual Show!

The Annual Show and BBQ are a highlight of the CPAGA year. Entry forms and the Schedule are now available for CPAGA's 2018 Annual Show, on Saturday, 1 September 2018.

This year sees some changes to the Schedule of Classes:

In Section 2 (Vegetables), Class 5 combines French beans and dwarf beans to become 'TEN French (incl. dwarf) beans with stalks attached. New Class 6 is 'TWO squashes, pumpkins or gourds'. New Class 19 is 'TWO brassica (not mustard), one variety'. (Brassica include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprout, choy sum, pak choi, rutabaga and turnip.)

In Section 9 (Photography), this year's theme for Class 42 is Surviving the drought.

If your produce has survived the drought, do enter it into the Show!

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