Potatoes exhibited at the 2016 Annual Show

The Committee has obtained about 1,750 seed potatoes, which it considers it can sell safely on the last two Sundays of February 2021 (see below). However, it needs two further volunteers for this to happen (see also below). Can you help? If so, email contact@cpaga.org.uk.

Safety first!

The health and safety of all plot holders and CPAGA's volunteers is the Committee's first and main consideration. The Committee proposes to take at least these steps:

1) The seed potatoes will be sold by number not by weight, in bags of 10 (of the same variety) for £ 1 a bag. CPAGA will supply the bags. This is to avoid volunteers having to weigh potatoes and to keep the time that plot holders and volunteers spend together to an absolute minimum.

2) The seed potatoes will be sold for the ‘correct money’ only, with no change given. Money will be placed in a tin. This is to avoid the volunteers having to handle any money.

3) Sale will be an across-the-counter service only. A table will be placed across the double doors at the top of the ramp to the Centre, acting as a counter, with the customer outside on the ramp and no more than two volunteers inside the Centre. The Shop and Centre will remain closed to plot holders. This is to separate the volunteers inside from the customers on the ramp outside.

4) No trade will be conducted other than in the seed potatoes, as described above. This is to minimise the interactions between plot holders and volunteers.

5) During the sale, the windows of the Centre will be be opened, to increase its ventilation.

6) The up to two volunteers inside the Centre should wear masks. They should not attend if they, or any member of their household, is exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID 19.

7) Plot holders on the ramp outside are encouraged strongly to wear masks during the transaction and to stand well back from the table if they do not wear a mask.


The proposed two sale events are on the last two Sundays of February 2021 (21st and 28th), during normal Shop hours (10:30 am to 12:30 pm).

Two people have volunteered to help on 21 February 2021 but the Committee is seeking two volunteers for 28 February 2021. If you may be able to help, please contact the Committee.


Information about potato varieties is available at these links:

Download PDF • 63KB

Download PDF • 68KB

Duke of York
Download PDF • 66KB

Download PDF • 63KB

Maris Piper
Download PDF • 64KB

Download PDF • 66KB

Sarpo Mira
Download PDF • 63KB

The ability of the Committee to sell seed potatoes for these varieties is subject to availability.

No guarantees

The Committee cannot guarantee that it will be able to provide this service as described, as its ability to do so depends on available volunteers and other matters outside of its control. However, the Committee's aim is to provide a variety of seed potatoes to plot holders, safely, at a good price.

RAWW have provided the Management Committee with information about a proposal to erect a 5G mast and associated cabinets neighbouring the Site. The information includes drawings of what is planned, a site detail sheet, and a covering letter from Dot Surveying Ltd to Merton Council dated 30 October 2020 (attached). The Committee does not comment on the merits or drawbacks of the proposal but considers the information may be of interest to plot holders. RAWW understands the proposal is now at the stage of a formal planning application.

The proposed location is on the footpath about 25 m to the right of the Cambridge Road entrance to the Site. The drawings show the location (pages 1 and 4) and how the installation would appear from the road (page 5).

The site detail sheet includes the objective, the preferred location from a coverage perspective, and information why other sites within a 100 m radius of the preferred location (D2 to D8), and two other sites (D1 and D9), have been discounted.

Dot Surveying act on behalf of their client GBC who, in turn, have been selected by Hutchison 3G UK Limited (the telecommunications company that trades as 'Three UK').

KUT13194 - Drawings
Download PDF • 2.36MB

KUT13194_Pre-Application Enquiry - Site
Download • 632KB

KUT13194 - Letter.30.10.20
Download PDF • 65KB

The Centre and Shop are still closed until further notice, but, subject to the availability of suitable volunteers, the Garage may be open from time to time for sales of compost etc during Shop hours. If this is possible, it may be arranged at short notice.

The Committee takes note of the Government's changing advice and developments in the law in England. That is not the only consideration. The law requires that things can be done safely, the Committee is concerned for the safety of all plotholders, and CPAGA's activities depend on the availability of volunteers who are willing and able to take the risks that any social contact at this time involves.

Minimising social contact is still necessary to slow the spread of the virus and protect all of us, but particularly those who are most vulnerable to serious illness, if infected.

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