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Proposed 5G mast on Cambridge Road

RAWW have provided the Management Committee with information about a proposal to erect a 5G mast and associated cabinets neighbouring the Site. The information includes drawings of what is planned, a site detail sheet, and a covering letter from Dot Surveying Ltd to Merton Council dated 30 October 2020 (attached). The Committee does not comment on the merits or drawbacks of the proposal but considers the information may be of interest to plot holders. RAWW understands the proposal is now at the stage of a formal planning application.

The proposed location is on the footpath about 25 m to the right of the Cambridge Road entrance to the Site. The drawings show the location (pages 1 and 4) and how the installation would appear from the road (page 5).

The site detail sheet includes the objective, the preferred location from a coverage perspective, and information why other sites within a 100 m radius of the preferred location (D2 to D8), and two other sites (D1 and D9), have been discounted.

Dot Surveying act on behalf of their client GBC who, in turn, have been selected by Hutchison 3G UK Limited (the telecommunications company that trades as 'Three UK').

KUT13194 - Drawings
Download PDF • 2.36MB

KUT13194_Pre-Application Enquiry - Site
Download • 632KB

KUT13194 - Letter.30.10.20
Download PDF • 65KB

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