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Warning: toilet block shut for Winter

Following Merton's decision to turn off the water supply to the Site over Winter (see news item, 29 October 2018), by majority vote, the Management Committee has decided to lock access to the Shop's toilet block from today, the end of the season.

When the water supply is off, the toilets do not flush and, due to the actions of some inconsiderate users, become foul and unusable. That has happened during November. This is despite the attempts of the Committee to encourage considerate use.

When they are available and flushing, the toilets are kept clean by volunteers. It is not fair to expect or ask those volunteers to deal with the foul state of the non-flushing toilets.

The Committee knows that people visiting the Site during Winter value the availability of flushing toilets. If plotholders are concerned about the consequences of Merton's policy, a point of contact is the Merton Cabinet Member for Community and Culture, currently Councillor Nick Draper (St Helier ward).

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