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No bay access, no free manure

If you see someone block the bays, tell them "Please, stop!" Volunteers arrange free manure for the benefit of all plotholders. If the manure bay is blocked, deliveries cannot be made and the stables go elsewhere. All users of free manure suffer.

Last week, whether as a result of fly tipping or good intentions not thought through, large amounts of shredded tree waste were dumped in front of CPAGA's garage door and the manure bay. Volunteers had to spend their Sunday with shovels and barrows to clear the blockage. If you see somebody block the CPAGA garages, tell them "Please, stop!" If the garage doors cannot be opened, all plotholders who want to buy cheap compost, manure or fertilizers from the Shop suffer.

Under their agreements with Merton, each plotholder promises to not deposit any vegetable matter, refuse, or rubbish of any description on any land beyond the boundary of his or her own plot and to not obstruct any path set out by Merton for the use of plotholders. That includes the land and paths immediately in front of the bays and garages. If you see somebody breaking that promise, please ask them to stop and think again.

If any plotholder would like advice about how to compost green waste on their plot, do contact the Management Committee. Books and advice on composting are available in the Shop on Sunday mornings.

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