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Annual General Meeting

CPAGA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Sunday 6 May 2018 at 11 am in the John Gray Centre.

The minutes for the AGM on 7 May 2017 were presented and approved. Matters arising from those minutes were discussed.

The Secretary, Treasurer and Trading Manager gave their annual reports to the members present.

The Secretary explained that a 'Water' sub-committee had been set up by the Management Committee since the last AGM.

The Treasurer presented orally the accounts of the Association for 2017, which had been signed by the Treasurer and the Independent Examiner (Auditor). The income of the Association had exceeded its expenditure during 2017, albeit by only a small sum. A copy of the accounts was available for inspection at the meeting.

The officers and other members of the Management Committee were elected.

The resolutions proposing amendments to the Constitution, which had been published on the boards at the entrances to the allotment site and on the web site throughout the 28 days before the meeting, were explained, discussed by the members present and unanimously passed by the members present.

Members present identified matters for consideration by the Management Committee at its next meeting.

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