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Notice: Proposed changes to constitution

In accordance with Paragraph 13 of the current constitution of CPAGA, notice is given to all members that proposed changes to the constitution will be discussed at the coming Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be held on Sunday 6 May 2018 at 11 am in the John Gray Centre.

The proposed changes are below. A brief explanation of the purpose of each proposed change is given in italics.

UPDATE: If all the resolutions are proposed and passed, then the constitution of CPAGA as amended will be as set out here.

1. RESOLUTION: To replace ‘Auditor’ with ‘Independent Examiner’ in Paragraph 12 and ‘audited’ with ‘independently examined’ in Paragraphs 10 and 12.

Explanation: To more accurately describe the role and the degree of assurance provided.

2. RESOLUTION: To add to the end of Paragraph 12 ‘The Independent Examiner may not be an officer of the Association but may be a member of the Association.

Explanation: To say what ‘independent’ means for this role.

3. RESOLUTION: To replace the first sentence of Paragraph 12 with ‘The funds of the Association are to be held in such accounts (a) as proposed by the Treasurer and agreed unanimously at a meeting of the Management Committee by its members or (b) as otherwise approved at an AGM.

Explanation: To provide greater flexibility over changing the accounts in which funds may be held while providing a high level of control over the choice of such accounts.

4. RESOLUTION: To add to the end of the second sentence of Paragraph 12 ‘ and any debit cards are to be held only by members of the Management Committee (other than the Treasurer) as agreed unanimously at a meeting of the Management Committee by its members’.

Explanation: To reflect the reality that payments from current accounts are also made by debit card while providing for a high level of control over who holds a debit card.

5. RESOLUTON: To replace ‘14 days’ notice’ with ‘28 days’ notice’ in Paragraph 13.

Explanation: To increase the notice period for proposed future changes to the constitution.

6. RESOLUTON: To add a new paragraph after Paragraph 10 and renumber paragraphs accordingly as follows: ‘Members shall be given at least 28 days’ notice of a General Meeting. Notice will be deemed to have been given if published on the boards at the entrances to the allotment site throughout the 28 days before the meeting.

Explanation: To be clear about what is proper notice for future General Meetings (including AGMs)

7. RESOLUTION: To add to the end of Paragraph 10 ‘Notice of a special General Meeting will identify the business to be conducted at the meeting.

Explanation: To require notice of the purpose of a special General Meeting, if one is called.

8. RESOLUTION: To replace the first sentence of Paragraph 7(b) with ‘If the post of an officer is left vacant, or becomes vacant, following an AGM, the Management Committee may appoint a member of the Association to that post.

Explanation: To deal with other vacancies (other than left vacant following a AGM) in a similar way.

9. RESOLUTION: To replace ‘AGM’ with ‘Annual General Meeting (AGM)’ in Paragraph 6 and ‘Committee’ with ‘Management Committee’ in Paragraphs 5, 7(a), 7(b), 8, 9, and 10.

Explanation: To tidy up the Constitution to explain ‘AGM’ and use terms consistently.

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