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Water during Winter

The Site has a single water supply for its stand pipes and tanks, its toilets and the kitchen in the John Gray Centre.

Merton Council's published aim for its allotments is to turn off the supply every autumn and turn it on again in the spring. The intention is to protect the exposed parts of the system from the possible effects of icy weather. In practice, this would mean no water, flushing toilets or kitchen facilities during November to February (Winter).

The Management Committee of CPAGA is currently working with the Council, through idverde, to see if, with the help of volunteers, water can be available during some periods over Winter when the risks from icy weather are remote. This has been possible in past Winters. The Committee knows that people visiting the Site during Winter value the availability of flushing toilets.

During periods when flushing toilets are not available, the Committee tries to warn people with notices on the toilets and on its web site. Unfortunately, this Winter, such notices have been quickly vandalised.

During periods when the toilets do not flush, the Committee asks that people use a bucket of water from a tank to flush the toilets after use to be considerate of other people.

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