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Roast potatoes!

You really do not want your plot to end up like this!

Seriously though, there was a fire on the Site today and the fire brigade attended. A plot holder had started a small bonfire which, unfortunately, got out of hand. The flames suddenly spread across two adjacent plots. The two plots were vacant, so this time it was grass and brambles that were burnt. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

Please take extra care with fire at this time of year. Bonfires are seldom necessary as so much can be composted or recycled. However, if you do have a bonfire then always have some buckets full of water handy and never ever leave a bonfire smouldering.

The fire brigade must always have access to the Site. Please make sure that the path end of your plot is trimmed back. You can bring your car on to the Site for deliveries but it is not intended to be a car park. Please never ever leave your car parked on the Site unattended, as it may block access.

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